3D People Models Could Change the World of Photography

There are many different forms of 3D rendering. 3D rendering is the computer graphics process of converting 3D wire frame models into 3D or 2D images. 3D people models are usual for business or personal entertainment and art. Some companies are using 3D printing to create medical supplies, modeling and prototypes. 3D printing has been used to create car parts, fashion accessories, smartphone cases and even artificial organs. Many manufacturing corporations have saved billions of dollars by using 3D printing for building parts. When used to print organs from a patient’s own cells could help save their life. Printing organs is would be vital to decrease a person wait time for an organ donor in the future.

To create 3D models of people the computer would take a scan of the individual. Some companies offer you the choice to customize the body. 3D people can be used in place of framed pictures. If you created models of your family members you can create a 3D family portrait. Evermotion 3D people models could change the future of portrait photography. Posed 3D people are so realistic they can be easily integrated into any 3D scene. 3D rigged people are models who are fully retopologized, rigged and skinned.

Rob Wile is a business insider who was quoted as saying “one can argue that not since the advent of photochemical material has there been this kind of technological leap in the ability to reproduce one’s likeness. It has absolutely no utility, and freaked a couple people out. Most have gotten the joke, and it remains funny to look at.”

The Top 4 Tutorials for Your 3D Art

Are you looking to get involved with 3D art? It can get expensive to do this sort of thing. It often gets so expensive that some decide not to do it. Tutorial for blender is changing all of this.

Below you will find a small list of the best blender tutorials on the market. This is a great way to turn your love of 3D art into something more tangible. These tutorials offer an insider look into the creation. These take you step-by-step, from beginners all the way up to advanced 3D art makers.

1) The first one is for beginners. This set of blender tutorials is for those just starting out with the 3D art form. It is done by Jonathan Williamson. He is the creator of the series.

2) The next one is for those who are looking to get involved with realistic texturing. This is one of the advanced ones. We suggest you only give this one a try when you have mastered some of the beginning video tutorials. It is done by Andrew Rice. There is a link to it down below.

3) Another one of the blender tutorials is the Lighting and Baking Workflow. You will get to learn the basics of the chroma keying and baking. This is where Hollywood meets real world footage. This is another one of the advanced videos. Do not attempt this one unless you have mastered the beginning stuff.

4) Lee Salvemini comes into play here. He is a big deal in the blender world. In this tutorial, you will deal with rigging. This series is perfect for those looking to learn about rigging. It is another beginner’s series, but from a more advanced area.

To learn more about the blender for tutorial series click here.

How 3DS Max Machines Offer the Very Best in 3D design

3D modeling is a means of creating images along a three-dimensional graphic plane using three-dimensional geometric data. This geometric data often is made using a Cartesian coordinate system (XYZ axis), and is used for the purposes of performing calculations and 2D image rendering.

The art and science of formulating, rendering, and creating 3D models, images,and graphics is a highly-sophisticated and complex series of geometric algorithms, formulas, and the use of scientific equipment that is advanced, yet inexpensive enough for consumer availability and use.

Initially, 3D modeling and development was considerably difficult and tedious when the core concepts, formulas, and ideas where first being developed. One can look at the long history of graphics within video games as a clear example of just how long it took to develop not only the breathtaking, state-or-the-art graphics we enjoy today, but the software engines and 3D modeling machines developed over the years to make such graphics possible.

As a result of the years of pioneering within 3D design and development, the art has skyrocketed in both in the progress 3D designers have made, and the accomplishments their work can attest to. It is relatively easy today to acquire a capable and powerful 3D modeling machine reap the rewards of decades of research and development that went into their development.

The Power of a Good 3D Modeling Machine
One of the more popular and more powerful 3D modeling machines available is a 3ds max machine. Such a machine is capable of creating stunning, top-of-the-line graphics that have no equal within the world of 3D design. a 3ds max can create absolutely stunning, visually intense and engaging models, graphics, scenery centered around any person, place, or thing.

Such unparalleled graphics find their place in the highest quality video games, in CGI set-pieces in blockbuster movies, and sometimes entire movies themselves are made purely with the power of a 3ds max software. They are easy to work with and offer top-tier animation and rendering capabilities to make the high-tech entertainment we enjoy today possible.

Cryengine – modern game engine

CryEngine is one of the modern game engines. The CryEngine is developed by the Crytek who is the famous German game developer. With the passage of time, the up gradation of the CryEngine is making it smarter and demanding. The aim of the updated versions is to support all the new consoles and different hardware for their own games is being fulfilled.

The licensing scheme of the Crytek also allows a number of third-party games i-e Snipper ghost warrior2, Squadron 42 to use the platform for fulfilling their needs. Various anonymous reports revealed that CryEngine was licensed to the famous Amazon for $50 million- $70 million. Later in February 2016 the CryEngine’s upgraded versions were released under the name Amazon Lumberyard.

A number of up gradation results in different versions that are famously known as the cryengine1, cryengine2, cryengine3.6-4, and the cryengineV which is the most updated and the advanced version currently available in the market.

  • Cryengine 1

March 30, 2006, was the day when Ubisoft acquired almost all the intellectual property rights of Far Cry franchise which was developed by famous Crytek. Crytek for the first time used the CryEngine version 1.3 for HDR lighting.

  • Cryengine 2

Cryengine 2 for the very first time was licensed out to the IMAGTP which is a French architectural and urban-planning communication company.

  • Cryengine 3

The CryEngine 3 was announced on March 11, 2009, which was mainly developed for the Microsoft windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U and the Xbox 360. The cry engine 3 was then released on October 14, 2009.

  • Cryengine (3.6-4)

On august 21, 2013 the CryEngine 3.5-4 was developed for additional support for Linux, PlayStation 4, Wii U and the Xbox One.

  • Cryengine V

Cryengine V is the latest and the most updated version. Released on March 22, 2016. The Crytek officially announced the “pay what you want” model in order to get the access to source code.

Unreal Engine Tutorial: Overview for beginners

Also known as Unreal Development Kit, or UDK, unreal engine is a platform that many AAA games are built upon. There is no doubt that the gaming industry has recognized it as a platform for building upon games owing to the use of the platform in developing some of the most phenomenal blockbusters of the 21st century. The reason why the platform is that popular is its versatility on mobile phones, smart devices and computers.

unreal engine

Only gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the creativity and aesthetics appeal that games built upon the platform have. It gets more interesting; there are free unreal engine tutorials that can guide you through the joys and thrill of creating a game to be proud of. No coming up with code and no pending sleepless nights doing animation for your game characters, what you need is already available.

If you are a gaming developer with an interest in cutting down on costs, then this combination of power and ease of customization, makes it possible to develop a game from scratch without doing the heavy work. When you encounter the Unreal Engine, you realize that it is anchored on three key principles.

Game launching – being ushered in to the store where you can pick the variety of content, tutorials and settings, makes it possible to compare between two or more features available for the average game player. By taking a walk through the available settings, it becomes possible to differentiate between levels of play.

Unreal Engine – this is the code that drives all the operations of the main game. As a platform builder, you do not need to see or know how this section of the game works so it is normally behind the scenes.

Unreal Editor – this is the glossary of code that you will use to develop a game that you can call your own. The fact that you are using predetermined code to build an interactive platform makes it a unique creation that cannot be like any other.

If you would like to come up with your own gaming platform, better use code that has already been pre-determined to save on time. Why reinvent the wheel when you can use that time to come up with more gaming interaction experiences?

Learn to use UHD Cache rendering engine on Corona effectively

The Corona renderer combines the best of the two worlds of rendering. You can choose to go with the unbiased algorithms and wait until all the renders are done or go for a quicker solution that will deal with the shadows, splotches, noise and so much more in a biased version.

The solution comes with the UHD Cache. This cached solution is faster than plain path tracing that done by the engine and at the same time does not cause damage to the scene.

In the render, set up you can use either the path tracing as the primary solver or the UHD Cache. The path tracing is commonly used where UHD Cache is likely to take longer in pre-computation times.

The UHD Cache is slightly biased. However, it makes the rendering process faster. It is best suited for use as a secondary GI Solver in scenes in which GI is dormant. Such areas include light bounces on objects and the interiors of the houses. In such scenes, it increases the rendering speed but with some subtle bias.

You can use UHD Cache for still images, animations, light sources, or moving geometry. However, the settings you choose should be adequate to the current scene.

Using different pre-computation modes
You can calculate the pre-computation mode from scratch so that it is calculated independently for every frame. The setting can be saved for future re-use. Otherwise, you can load a cache from a saved file. In this case, no pre-computation is required. The third option involves loading the cache files and running a pre-computation pass above it. This merges both the computed and loaded catches.

Selecting the right UHD Cache pre-computation settings
If you would like to render still images, you can work with the default settings without any change. Splotches are signs of bugs and should be reported. As for the animations, change the default UHD Cache setting to Animation (flicker-free) preset. In order to set the time required pre-computing each frame, render UHD cache for a single frame and use in in other frames.

When you are working with moving objects, always set the UHD Cache at the “Animation (flicker-free)” preset and set the pre-computation to calculating UHD Cache from scratch for every frame.

If set properly, UHD Cache renders your scenes to high-quality results and quite fast. It is also really good in interior spaces where the GI is dormant.


HDRI for beginners

If you are a keen internet user, you must have come across photos that are stunningly perfect. This aspect of making a photograph flawless is a process that takes time and careful consideration. Remember that although you want your photos to appear flawless, you also need them to appear real and in tune with the actual item that was photographed. HDRI transforms real photographs into high definition works of art.

What happens so that the photograph that did not appear so nice now captures the attention of everybody who sets their eyes on it is much more complex than what it is thought of to be. Any number of photographs can be taken as the initial step of HDRI but what is common is anything between 2 and 9. The photographs must be of the same subject and taken from the same consistency of angle, range and size. It is in essence the same photograph but taken multiple times with varying shutter speeds. The shutter speed, if varied within a large range of difference gives rise to photographs with different levels of luminosity and field capture.

The next process is mashing up all the photographs together into one which is better looking and appealing than any of the single ones. Mashing up of the photographs can only be achieved using advanced post processing imaging software. What the photographer is aiming to achieve is to get the single aspects from the various photographs taken which makes then stand out. This is definitely not something you can do manually so it is important to have this software ready at all times when planning to go out on a photography spree.

The nature of HDRI is such that it sharpens a scene that is not moving since it capitalizes on the comparison of the various uniform features of a photographic scene. The scene that is being captured should therefore be as still as possible so the rule of thumb is to make the most of the 5 to 10 seconds window during which an image is not supposed to change.

It is one thing to read about what HDRI is and what it is not, but better understanding comes as a result of practicing what has been read. If you would like to learn everything that HDRI can do for you, get a camera and get to work. Take shots of as many scenes as possible and practice perfecting them. You will discover tricks on your own which you would never have obtained from theory.

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Is it ok to modify free 3d models?

Modifying or editing free 3d models can require a number of different changes in order to make the free 3d model more effective and eye-catching. The purpose of editing the free 3d models can also encompass the demand of the user. There is a number of software that can be considered for the modification of the free 3d models. For many people most of the time they usually have a question in their mind regarding the modification of the free 3d models. In order to truly understand the benefits of the modifying 3d models, you need to be updated with the modern trends of the 3d world.

Modifying free 3d models can be beneficial. There are a number of professionals that also offer the services for modifying and editing the 3d models. The need of modifying the free 3d models is usually done on the demand of the user. The benefits of the modification of the free 3d models encompass the renovation of the old 3d models that can save the money which need not be spent on buying the new 3d models.

For most of the users and professionals, getting the ideas and the visuals from the free 3d models and then modifying them according to their demand is more effective rather than buying the new 3d models. For a number of people, the modification of the 3d models is the need to meet the demands of the present world. Moreover, many people also consider it a best and an effective alternative that can save both time and money.

The outdated and the old models can be edited or modified in order to give them a fresh look and trendy style which are the key features of effective and trendiest free 3d models.

For wide selection of free and paid 3d models, please visit: http://www.evermotion.org/downloads

Advanced 3D models

The 3d max models are some of the unique entities of the present world. Although, a number of other platforms are also providing the most advanced and trendy 3d models but the introduction of the 3ds max models has changed the conventional trends of graphic designing. 3ds max models are well-praised by a number of clients (check: Evermotion).

The new ideas that are virtually given shapes are the most prominent and admired feature of the 3ds max models. Moreover, the availability of the number of 3ds max tutorials has made it easy for a number of beginners to make their actual space.

However the scope of the 3D world is wide enough to provide the sufficient place to a large number of developers yet the introduction of the many other models by a number of different online sources also heated up the competition in this new field. The 3D models have also made their prominent space in a number of industries and the most advanced industries are relying on the 3D models for the effective growth in the smartest way.

How 3D models are effective?

Below we have described some of the prominent benefits of the 3d models and the 3d printing techniques.

  1. Cost efficiency

    The cost of the 3D models is much lowered as compared to the conventional prototypes. Actually, the prominent decrease in the price is due to the usage of the decreased amount of material.

  2. Better designs

    3D models also enable a number of companies and clients to come up with the structures with the trendy designs that can meet the true demand of the modern world.

  3. Rapid production

    The 3D models and the advanced 3D printing has enabled the developers to manufacture the desired object within hours. Due to the introduction of the 3D printing, the conventional ways of manufacturing have now become outdated.

  4. Creation of the new structures

    The most advanced tools for the 3d modeling have enabled the industry to come up with the new designs with the unlimited possibilities.